Manage your business’ sales opportunities, planning and performance with ease with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Despite the obvious benefits of Dynamics 365, not all businesses could previously afford to introduce the full Enterprise suite into their company, due to timescales and implementation costs. However, with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, a new price point is now available for businesses who just want to focus on the sales features of Dynamics 365 and do not require all the functionality that the Enterprise Suite offers.

Seamless upgrade path

As Dynamics 365 Sales Professional shares the same platform as the Enterprise licence, should you find that your CRM requirements grow, you can easily upgrade to the Enterprise licences at a later date.

What’s included with a Professional Licence?

  • Full access to Dynamics 365 Sales functionality, including Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Order and Quotes
  • Access to the Case Management entity to help you to provide Customer Service from within Dynamics 365 (For more comprehensive functionality, including SLAs, you may want to consider upgrading to the full Customer Service app)

What limitations should I be aware of?

  • Access to a Development instance (referred to as a Sandbox) is not included. This can be very useful for testing new functionality and training purposes to upskill staff without affecting real data.
  • The Enterprise licence provide access to a Portal which can be used for customer self-service to help reduce costs and improve customer-client interaction. This is not included with the Professional licence.
  • Full customisation. The Enterprise licence allows you tailor virtually every aspect of the system to your needs, but there are some restrictions to these options with a Professional licence.

Should your business not require this functionality, then a Sales Professional licence could be right for you.

Find out how Dynamics 365 Sales Professional can help your business

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional Pricing

Sales Professional

£ 49

Per User, Per Month
  • Full access to Sales functionality with Dynamics 365
  • Access to Case Management

Team Member

£ 6

Per User, Per Month
  • For light usage of the Dynamics for 365 Sales App

To also add Customer Service functionality in addition to the Sales functionality detailed above, a Customer Service Professional Attach Licence can be added to each user at an additional cost of £15.10 per user, per month, resulting in a combined cost of £64.10 per user, per month.

Full feature comparison – Dynamics 365 Sales Professional


Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Unlimited Users
Access to Sales entitiesIncludes Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Products, Price Lists, Quotes, and Orders
Forms/Views per entity2Allows for variations on forms/views for individual roles, providing streamlined data entry flow
Maximum number of custom entities15300
Custom workflows
Business Process FlowsMaximum of 510 per entityBusiness Process Flows are used to guide users through the system, ensuring relevant information is captured at the correct times
Reporting/Dashboard Customisations5
Additional Storage
Further details
Additional cost250MB Database & 2GB File storage for each additional user
Sandbox environmentIdeal for development, testing and training
PortalAdditional costCustomer-facing self-service portals powered by CRM data
QueuesMaximum of 15
Cases for SalesAllows sales teams to create Cases for customer service teams
Basic Marketing
Territory Management
Dynamics 365 Teams
Mobile Offline Sync
Embedded IntelligenceAnalyse your customer-interaction data.
More information
Microsoft Social EngagementSocial Engagement puts social media at the fingertips of your sales teams, customer service agents, and everyone across the organization
More information
Forms ProPowerful survey functionality
PowerApps P2Add-on only