Agile data integration and migration

Scribe offers two main platforms; Scribe Insight which is an on-premise solution and Scribe Online which is cloud-based.

Tibco Scribe Insight

ScribeInsight is an on-premise solution designed to run on Windows Servers, utilising pre-built application connectors that adapt to software updates, a simple graphical interface for code-free customisation, and a suite of management tools for developing and managing integrations and migrations. Scribe Insight is licensed perpetually, with an optional annual maintenance fee for software updates.

Scribe Online

Scribe Online has similar features to Scribe Insight but is a fully cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Scribe online licensing is subscription-based.

Scribe RS (Replication Services)

Scribe RS runs on Scribe Online and is designed for replication of data between and a source and a target. A typical use case for Scribe RS is to replicate the cloud data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a SQL database for data warehousing, data manipulation, analysis and reporting.

Please contact us to learn more about the Scribe platform and how Strategy 365 can assist in your data integration or migration requirements.