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Improved Quick Find experience in Dynamics 365

John PhillipsProduct Updates

Of the many improvements brought in with the April 2020 Wave 1 release of Dynamics 365, one of the most useful is the improved Quick Find experience. We detail the changes and how it can be configured to suit your organisation.

Prior to the April release, when looking at a view of records, in the upper-right of the screen, you would be presented with:

Quick Find - Old Experience

and when using this search, the results were not affected by the currently selected view – the fields and additional filtering were determined by the settings of the entity’s Quick Find View. So if this View was preconfigured to filter out inactive records for instance, it meant that the Quick Find could never be used to find those inactive records.

However, in the April release, this has now been replaced with:

Quick Find - New

This search now acts as a quick filter to search records in the current view, providing a more intuitive experience.

This new setting is enabled by default; however, should your users prefer the original experience, an administrator is able to revert this setting back to the original behaviour. If you are a Strategy 365 client and wish to discuss the above functionality change or any other aspect of the Wave 1 release, please get in touch.

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