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Microsoft introduce modern advanced find with enhanced view management in model-driven apps

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Microsoft have announced the availability of modern advanced find, with new enhancements, in model-driven apps which replaces the previous legacy experience.

Previously, finding information in model-driven apps could be achieved through two forms. Searching for specific records or exploring a table for record sets that meet specific criteria. Now users can use modern advanced find which has new enhancements, such as personalising views, to help increase productivity within model-driven apps.

Advanced Filters

Using the global search bar in the app header, you can perform a structured search on any table by editing the filter options which are available.  After choosing the filters, you will find options to create a personal view and options to manage the view list.

Advanced Filters

Customise options to ensure you see the most relevant views

Finding the right view quickly can be difficult, especially if you have created many over time, but with an enhanced view selector and modern advanced find this has been made easier. You can search for a view by name or easily browse them in the view selector and make the view list your own.

Furthermore, one or more views in a list can be hidden to ensure only the most relevant views are displayed. These enhancements improve the navigation between different sets of data in the model-driven app. You can also ensure the list of views appear in one of three pre-set orders and collaborate with your team members by sharing personal views.

Advanced Find Reorder Views

Administrators can enable modern advanced find through a feature setting in Power Platform Admin Centre.


The introduction of modern advanced find with enhanced view management helps improve navigation and productivity for users within model-driven apps. You can learn more about the full capabilities of enhanced view management here and if you are an existing Strategy 365 client and want to discuss this functionality with one of our team, please feel free to get in touch.

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