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Microsoft’s Monitor tool now supports Model-Driven Apps

John PhillipsProduct Updates

Introduced in October 2019, Monitor is a tool for debugging and improving canvas apps. Now support has been added for model-driven apps.

Prior to this release, users have had little visibility of what happens behind the scenes with model-driven apps without the use of third-party developer tool or trawling through logs. The addition of model-driven app support in Monitor now provides intuitive tools to help diagnose potential issues with forms, network connections, errors and many other problems.

How does the Monitor tool help with model-driven apps?

The initial release of the updated app includes support for:

  • KPIs for page loads, command executions, and other significant events
  • Details of network requests
  • Warnings for synchronous XMLHttpRequests
  • Custom script errors, such as onload and ribbon rule evaluation
  • Form execution events, such as onload, onchange and onsave
  • Form field and control visibility issues
  • Power BI control failures and performance issues

How can I access Monitor?

There are two ways to access Monitor:

  1. Visit, then Apps, select the App you wish to review and click ‘Monitor’ in the toolbar
    Power Apps Toolbar
  2. From within a model-driven app, add &monitor=true to the page URL. This will enable an additional button in the upper-right of the screen:
    Monitor Button


It’s good to see Microsoft expanding on their tools to enable users to ensure that both canvas apps and model-driven apps are performing as expected and we look forward to see what additional functionality is added in the coming months. If you are an existing Strategy 365 client and wish to explore the features of the Monitor tool, please get in touch.

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