Dynamics 365 Licenses

Transitioning from CRM Online to Dynamics 365 licenses

John PhillipsProduct Updates

As part of Microsoft’s plan to retire the CRM brand and push Dynamics 365, one element that has changed is the licensing model for Enterprise Edition. There’s no getting away from the fact that the new licenses are more expensive, but with Strategy 365’s transitional pricing offer, the financial impact can be eased.

Although the new license costs are certainly higher for Dynamics 365 than for CRM Online, in some organisations, certain users can be downgraded to Team Member licenses, at a much lower cost, without losing the functionality needed to carry out their day-to-day tasks. In certain scenarios, this could mean an overall reduction in license costs.

If your business is currently using Dynamics CRM Online and are planning to migrate your licenses over to Dynamics 365, find out more about Strategy 365’s pricing offer here. Please note that these prices are not available directly from Microsoft. As an example of the potential cost savings available with this offer, please refer to our recent case study for SSC Laser where they were able to save over £10,000 annually on their Dynamics 365 licenses alone.

If your business does not currently use Dynamics 365 or CRM at all, we also have a pricing offer specifically aimed at small and medium sized businesses looking to move to Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition. Please contact us for more information.